General Info

If I want to hold an event, what information do you need from me?

What services do Event Base offer?

What type of events does Event Base cater for?

What partners have Event Base worked with in the past?

Can or does Event Base look after the whole event for me?

I’m looking for a solution to a live activation idea. Can Event Base help me with this?

I’m looking to build an expo (exhibition stand) can Event Base help?

Does Event Base cater for private events, like weddings and birthdays?

Does Event Base do Corporate events?

What geographical area do you cover for events?

What is your design service?

Does Event Base deliver, install and pack down the structures?

What are your install and labour charges for an event?

What considerations do I need to factor in when planning an event?

Can you custom build something for me?

Marquees and Tents

Can I hire a marquee off you?

What sized marquee do I need to get for my event?

What sort of marquees and temporary structures do you have?

How much does it cost to hire the different marquee structures?

Does Event Base sell their structures / equipment?

Can I brand my marquee or structure?

How do I get an exact quote for a marquee?

Can Event Base store my marquee or equipment?

Are your marquees weather tight?

Can I still use a marquee if it’s windy?

Can I add doors to my marquee? If so what are the options?

Do you have different wall options for your marquees?

How long does it take to install a marquee?

Can we put your marquees up ourselves?

Can I hang decorations and lighting in my marquee?

Can I use heaters inside the marquee?

How long is a hire period?

Does the hire fee cover the install cost?

What surface can a marquee go on?

Can a marquee cross over different levels of ground?

What flooring options are available for your marquees?

Do your inflatable structures need constant power to keep them inflated?

How many guests fit inside the Inflatable Cubes?

How much does it cost to hire your furniture?

Can Event Base look after the lighting for my event?

Do Event Base hire bars?

Does Event Base hire projection stages and projection?

How much does Event Base charge for event hire equipment?


What is a Spacecube?

How big is a Spacecube?

Does Spacecube come with lighting?

Can I add extra lighting to the Spacecube?

Does Spacecube come with it’s own power supply?

Does the Spacecube come with flooring?

How heavy is one Spacecube unit?

How long does Spacecube take to install?

Can I add stack the Spacecubes on top of each other?

What weight can a Spacecube take?


If we haven’t answered all of your questions, give us a call on 09 846 8650 to discuss your event needs.