Lighting & Projection

  • Vibrant designer lighting to colour interiors or exteriors
  • Dropper lights, festoon lighting, Encapsulite and more...
  • Range of colour options and different bulbs
  • Specialists in creating projection environments
  • Transform your space into a visual experience 
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Bright Ideas

We offer a range of lighting and projection options to brighten up your event space.

Multiple options to colour and light up your event structure during the day and night.  We can help you to create a warm, inviting and dynamic interior and exterior at your next event.

Our range of lighting includes festoon, Encapsulite, and droppers lights which are available in a number of different colours and bulb options.

We have a range of projection assets available and partner with some expert lighting and visual suppliers to create dynamic projection environments to showcase products and brands and create event spaces that pop.

Flexible hire & bespoke options

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