Modular Structures


  • Wide-range of highly versatile infrastructure solutions
  • Weather-tight, durable and safe for outdoor use
  • Highly-engineered for short-term or long-term use
  • Rapid turn-around and efficient installation
  • Pop-up hospitality environments, covered outdoor patio's, courtyards or kerbside dining
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Expand your outdoor dining and hospitality space with Event Base's range of high-quality, versatile and weather-tight temporary structures. We are experts in the safe design and delivery of pop-up hospitality infrastructure at events throughout New Zealand. We also offer a wide-range of modular solutions for the hospitality industry to increase their outdoor footprint, allowing for increased ventilation and safer social distancing.  

SPACECUBE is a customisable modular building system which is perfect for event environments, as well as providing a solution for outdoor dining to meet COVID-19 safety guidelines. Cubes all include integrated LED down-lights and premium floor finishing. A great option for kerbside and alfresco outdoor dining.

TRUSS structures and modular CREATIVE PRODUCTS MARQUEE systems are flexible infrastructure solutions for covered outdoor spaces at bars, restaurants, and pubs. Structures have customisable walls, branding, and flooring and can be safely installed on most grass or pavement surfaces. All truss and marquee systems are scalable to fit small or large spaces and fully engineered. 

Event Base offer rapid turn-arounds and flexible lease terms to accomodate NZ Hospitality venues who are needing to respond quickly to changing operational requirements and COVID-19 alert levels. 

Flexible hire & bespoke options

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