Spacecube Modular Architecture

  • Spacecube has revolutionised the NZ market with its clever modular engineering and beautiful modern design
  • Limitless applications, including pop-up real estate, transitional architecture, brand activations, instant venues and more
  • Clever engineering for joinable, stackable & customisable structures that can be configured to any event space 
  • Flat-packable modular building system for ease of installation and transportation
  • Options to hire, purchase, or lease to own
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The ultimate modular building blocks

Spacecube provides a clever modular building solution for creating stunning event environments and show-stopping temporary structures to fit any application or space. 

Our Spacecube structures are known for their beautiful simplistic design and innovative engineering that allows for ease of transportability, installation and customisation. Spacecube's unique modular construction allows them to be joined together or stacked over three levels to create a ‘pop up’ venue or event environment for any purpose or crowd size. 

Spacecube is a clever choice for creating captivating presence at events or exhibitions and each structure is easily fitted out with branded back walls, windows, signage and custom elements to suit your requirements.

Spacecube also provides a fantastic building block for commercial property displays and developments and transitional architecture projects including temporary offices, pop-up shops, sales suites, information booths, kiosks, bars and other instant venues.


  • Single spacecube for small spaces
  • Perfect for a show room, pop-up shop, info booth, display unit and more
  • Single cube is 6m x 2.4m
  • Weather tight and secure lockable doors
  • Customisable with flooring, walls, interiors, electrical components, branding and signage to meet your needs


  • Join two or more Spacecubes side by side to create a larger space
  • Perfect for pop-up event spaces, bar areas, retail shops, sales or office suites, brand activations and more
  • Optional long-side joins or short-end joins to suit your requirement
  • Create one large event space or have internal walls to create separate zones


  • Stack spacecube up to three levels to create the ultimate standout space
  • Perfect for creating VIP venues and event spaces, bars, restaurants, commercial and residential architecture and more
  • Customisable with solid or clear walls, inner and outer stairs, an upper terrace, decking, branding and signage


  • Create a custom configuration to fit any event space or vision
  • Perfect option for longer term projects requiring additional customisable elements such as added security, lighting and electrical fittings, or bespoke flooring, back walls, bar systems, furniture, shelving, cabinets and more

Flexible hire & bespoke options

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