Modular Structures

Events & Exhibition

  • Highly engineered for form and function 
  • Easily transported with rapid construction and deconstruction 
  • Customisable modular structures to fit any footprint 
  • Ninety percent of the fit out can take place in Event Base warehouse to minimise on-site time 
  • Safe, secure, and lockable 
  • 360 degree viewing
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Spacecube provides fantastic scope to build the ultimate event or exhibition environment. The clever modular design, coupled with high quality finish, delivers a standout space to showcase products, enhance the brand experience, and create engaging entertainment zones.

Spacecube's clever design allows for the modular units to be joined or stacked to fit any space. The sturdy engineering also allows for the cubes roof area to be utilised as a display space. Some uses for this space are showcasing vehicles on the roof, displaying LCD screens, large-scale product cut-outs or signage.

As a beautifully resolved solution, Spacecube also offers a unique media and branding vehicle to market live products to consumers with the ability to integrate LCD screens and display floor to ceiling branding and signage.

Flexible hire & bespoke options

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