Land Rover VIP Club House


Campbell and Co.


Land Rover

Equipment & Services:
  • 7x Spacecube, 3 terrace spaces, internal stairwell
  • 13.5 x 9m truss structure as secondary bar
  • Back walls, media walls, branding
  • Bespoke lighting
  • Design & build

The client's objective was the design of an event environment to leverage Land Rover’s Sponsorship of the New Zealand Polo Open by creating a world-class, exclusive experience for key customers, media and key influencers including a focus on the new sleek and sustainable Range Rover Plug in Hybrid.


A double-storey Spacecube structure was the perfect solution for creating a relaxed, comfortable and sophisticated hospitality space for guests to enjoy food, drinks and watch the live Polo action. 

 Four cubes on the ground floor were utilised with two to create the internal staircase and one cube to house the upstairs bar and three terrace spaces. The backwall was turned into a media wall with bespoke lighting features fitted throughout. The stunning styling was completed by Campbell and Co. internally.

For the second bar area, a  13.5m x 9m Truss structure was joined to the back of the cubes, allowing for more expansive crowd and bar space.


It was all action on the day at the Land Rover NZ Polo Open with fabulous fashion, food, drinks and of course live action from the Polo field. The event was a huge success with Polo attendees buzzing about the Land Rover VIP area on the day and on social media and glowing feedback from our client. 

The level of finish and detail, as well as the incredible styling from our friends at Campbell and Co. and truly matched the Land Rover brand. With such a presence at the event, no one was left guessing who the principle sponsor of the event was.

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