Northcote Development - Info Centre


Kāinga ora

Equipment & Services:

  • 2x Spacecube
  • Signage & Branding
  • Custom fittings – timber facade, shelving, electrical, flooring
  • Design & Build

The Project

Kāinga ora (previously Hobsonville Land Company) contacted our team looking for options for the installation of a semipermanent structure to be utilised as an information centre and office for the Northcote Development project in Auckland. Their preference was for a structure that they could lease long-term, which would require minimal maintenance during the 18-month period and be easy to customise and brand.

Our solution was the design and installation of a Spacecube structure composed of two cubes with solid back walls on two sides and glass walls/ sliding doors on the other sides. The cubes were pre-assembled off site (reducing build time in the busy shopping centre) and complete with lockable doors, internal cupboards, electrical fittings, flooring, lighting and branding internally and externally. 

Flexible hire & bespoke options

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